Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses

Governing Document Workgroup Update

Posted 8 months ago by Thais Forbes

Dear Fellow Coalition Members,

Update!  As you may recall at the last Coalition meeting a motion was made and carried to review our current Working Governing Document.

A group of 5 members volunteered to work on a review and suggested revision/update of the current Working Governing Document (last updated in 2015).

Doreen Casserino, Jean Aertker, Mai Kung, Susan Lynch and Thais Forbes are the members who will be reviewing the document together on this website, making the process accessible and transparent to all Coalition group members. 

Mai, who is chairing the workgroup, has posted a version with edits so far in a format that allows comments/edits to be made right on the document.

Please review that document in progress  (updates filed in the Members Only tab to the left) and feel free to add your comments or edits as the workgroup makes progress on this! 

By filing the Governing Document IN PROGRESS of editing by the workgroup ONLY in the "Members Only" section of the website we assure that this process is private (not publicly visible) but accessible to all activated members of the Coalition at any time you choose to log onto the Coalition website.  Thank you!