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Improving Efficiency in the Health Care System: Removing Anti competitive Barriers to Practice

Posted 8 months ago by Thais Forbes

AdamsandMarkowitz_20180611 Article re Removing Barriers to APRN Practice

Thanks to Nikki Demetriou, APRN, CNM member of the Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses for sharing this new policy proposal from Dr. Adams and Dr. Markowitz just published this summer.

Worth the read, a few excerpts and summary points:  

"research shows no difference in a variety of health outcomes when comparing fully authorized scope of practice to restrictive scope of practice laws" for APRNs

  • the public health is still protected when APRNs practice to their full scope.
  • APRNs continue to consult and collaborate with other health-care professionals as necessary to meet their patients' needs  "as this is a norm in the profession" 
  • physicians gain when APRNs gain and
  • all stakeholders benefit as health care costs are reduced when scope of practice barriers are removed


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