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Test message to active members please comment

Posted 7 months ago by Thais Forbes

Did everyone get Ed's email regarding the draft infographic?

This is a test message going out to the "active member" tier only

Only group members who have "claimed" either a rep or alternate role for their group can see this.  

Please take a moment to "comment" below so we know you are receiving messages okay through the Coalition website.

Thank you!


Arlene Wright 6 months ago - Remove

Got it!

Deborah Tedesco 6 months ago - Remove

Hi, Thais! Thanks for all your hard work!

Nikki Demetriou 6 months ago - Remove

I did receive the email from Ed, as well as the one pointing me to this link/page.
Agree: Kudos to Thais for her work getting this site up and running!

Edward Briggs 6 months ago - Remove

Got your email. Thais, thanks for all your hard work,

Gail Sadler 6 months ago - Remove

Thank you, received the e-mail. Thank you so much for the hard work on the site.

Mary Kay Miller 6 months ago - Remove

thank you ! Looking good :)

Debbie Devine 6 months ago - Remove

Hi, I did not receive the email from Ed. Thank you.

Paula Timoney 6 months ago - Remove

Yes, I received it. Thank you! Looks good.

Patricia Geddie 5 months ago - Remove

Yes, got it. Thank you!

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