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Florida BON Votes No Change in APRN-IP Definition of Primary Care

Posted almost 2 years ago by Jean Aertker


At the BON October 2020 Conference virtual meeting, Friday, October 9, 2020 at 11:00 AM the Rules Workshop was called to order for Rule 64B9-4.001, FAC- Primary Care Practice Definition. The BON received a request for this Workshop in a letter from Florida Medical Association and 11 Specialty Societies who offered a new definition for primary  care taken from the Florida Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities law and wanted to add another layer of supervision for NPs seeking Autonomous Primary Care Practice. In response, the BON received letters & statements not in support of changing the BON definition from: The Florida APN Coalition, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American Psychiatric Nurses Association. The Board took testimony from both medicine and nursing representatives including, AANP Government Affairs Policy Analyst, Ashley Shew ; both co-chair from FCAPN, Jean Aertker and Vernon Langford, FLANP; FNPN 1st VP of LEgislation & SFCAPN President Vicky Stone Gale; APNA member, Cindy Parsons; and others supporting the BON definition.

After discussion, BON members pointed out that the statute reference by medicine was more of a finance and insurance reference, not related to primary care practice specifics, and therefore they voted not to move on any change to the current definition. FCANP will keep you apprised of future issues on this rule making process.

Also, the BON application for Autonomous APRN will be forthcoming this month. There will be an attestation form to be completed stating you meet all the requirements to hold this new license. More details to follow for our members.

Learn more about this AAPRN process and the rulemaking by joining the SFCAPN webinar -a FCANP MEMBER - presented by Dr. Vicky Stone Gale, DNP, APRN on October 19th at 7 PM. You must register for this event - as space is limited and 2 CE free. See Events Posted on on that website to register now!


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