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2021 Legislative Session - APRN Practice Bills Filed in House and Senate

Posted over 1 year ago by Jean Aertker

Florida State Representative Tyler Sirois (Dist 51 Merritt Island) and Senator Jeff Brandes (Dist 24, St Petersburg) filed the House (HB 11-filed 1/5/2021) and Senate  (SB 424 -filed 1/5/2021)  bills for APRN Autonomous Practice; Revises practice requirements for autonomous advanced practice registered nurse. Both are brief, simple bills that seek to remove physician supervision and mandatory written protocols. Both references the Autonomous Practice Bill passed last session that excluded or placed additional practice limits on over 40% of APRNs (CRNAs, CNM's and CNS's - those not in Primary Care roles. 

With over 43,897 licensed APRNs in Florida, its time to remove these barriers as the state of Massachusetts just did. The session begins March 2, 2021House and Senate Committees area set and Chairs named. Sign up for Bill Tracking to keep up to date.


Diane John over 1 year ago

Great news!!

Jean Aertker over 1 year ago

Update: HB 111 has a new co-introducers - Rep Maggard and McClain. Rep. Sirois had a assignment conflict and had to step down from presentign the bill, but he remains very supportive of this bill he filed. We thank him for his committment to improve health care in Florida and greatly appreciate Rep Maggard and McClain for their encouragement and support.

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