Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses

Call for Co-Chair Nominations

Posted about 5 years ago by George Byron Peraza-Smith

The election for a new Co-Chair for 2014-2015 will be conducted during the Coalition's quarterly meeting this Saturday, Jan 4th held at the University of Central Florida - College of Nursing, 12201 Research Parkway, 3rd Floor, Orlando, Florida. The nomination and election process follows the Governing Documents.

Nomination/Election Process For Co-Chair

  1. Nominations for the Co-chair position will be submitted to the Co-Chair – George Peraza-Smith (gbsmith@southuniversity.edu) or Gwen Randall (gwennyjcma@hotmail.com) via email by Friday, January 3rd Midnight.
  2. Nominees must be able to demonstrate engagement with the Coalition.
  3. No two co-chairs can be a representative from the same organization.
  4. The new co-chair elect will serve from January 2014 to December 2015.
  5. Nominations may also be accepted from the floor prior to the presentation of nominees and election.
  6. Each nominee will provide an oral (5 minutes) or written statement (two pages) to include: a) Previous Coalition engagement activities, b) Position Statement, c) Vision for the Coalition.
  7. A teller will be selected from the membership. The teller will be responsible for conducting the voting and for tabulating the results.
  8. Voting will be conducted after the presentation of nominees. Only Coalition members present may vote. Per Governing Documents, only one (1) vote per Member Group can be casted.
  9. Voting will be conducted by hand written ballot. If a Group Representative is online, then that member will call vote into the teller.
  10. The voting will occur no longer than 30 minutes or when all members present have cast a ballot.
  11. The teller will tabulate the ballots and will announce the elected co-chair.
  12. The nominee receiving the most votes will be elected. In case of a tie, the chair will be elected by Lot. The Teller will be responsible for overseeing the drawing by Lot.