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Call for Comment: APRN Compact

Posted about 5 years ago by George Byron Peraza-Smith

The APRN Compact Implementation Work Group seeks your comments on the proposed APRN Compact Model Legislation, proposed APRN Compact Model Rules and Key Elements of the APRN documents. Please review these documents, which are located on the APRN Compact webpage, and provide your feedback in this survey.

The 2002 NCSBN Delegate Assembly approved the adoption of model language for an APRN licensure compact. In 2004, Utah and Iowa became the first states to adopt the APRN Compact, followed by Texas in 2007. To date, these are the only states to have adopted the compact.

In 2010, executive directors and attorneys from the ARPN Compact states and Idaho, as well as Nurse Licensure Compact Administrators (NLCA) Chair Joey Ridenour and Special Counsel Rick Masters, began meeting to discuss implementation of the APRN Compact. A primary concern of the group was the incorporation of the APRN Consensus Model into the compact, which was drafted and adopted prior to finalization of the APRN Consensus Model. The group determined that amendment and replacement of the compact should occur prior to implementation as it would incorporate additional improvements, as well as APRN Consensus Model licensure requirements. Revisions to the former APRN Compact also include:

Retaining or improving positive results of Nurse Licensure CompactAddressing weaknesses of the previous APRN Compact Includes rulemaking proceduresStrengthens compliance provisions

Encouraging more widespread adoption of the APRN Consensus ModelResponding to changes in the profession and increase access to care

As a result of these efforts, the APRN Compact Working Group developed a modified version of the APRN Compact for consideration by the states. The changes made to the original framework are extensive. The materials provided on the APRN Compact webpage (https://www.ncsbn.org/4912.htm) discuss the key features of the proposed APRN Compact.  We ask that you review these APRN Compact documents and provide your comments in this survey (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XFCN6XY) by Feb. 14, 2014.

If there are other individuals in your organization who have interest in pertinent APRN rules and legislation, please forward this survey to them.

Thank you,

The APRN Compact Implementation Work Group